Jersey Phoenix Force FF

Jersey Phoenix Force FF – In welcoming the Free Fire Indonesia Master 2021 Fall tournament, Garena presents an interesting web event for its players. Where one of the prizes for the FFIM 2021 Fall event is the Phoenix Force FF Jersey. Of course this event will attract the attention of all players and they will complete the mission as soon as possible.

The Phoenix Force FF Jersey which gamers can get for free will be present in the special FFIM 2021 Fall Web Event which has the name Collect Your Team Free Fire (FF).

In accordance with the name of the event, gamers will be asked to collect 12 team logo teams that have successfully qualified for the 2021 Fall FFIM Grand Finals.

Free Fire does not stop in presenting the latest free events on Free Fire. Previously, we were presented with the Free Fire x Venom collaboration event with lots of free help in it.

Most recently, Free Fire will bring back a new free event. Coinciding with the FFIM 2021 Fall tournament, an event titled FFIM 2021 Fall will soon welcome you!

FFIM Fiery Red Token FF is required to do a Spin to get the team logo.

If later gamers get the same logo, you can share it with your friends.

Phoenix Force FF Jersey at a Glance

As we know, Phoenix Force is a Free Fire esports team from Thailand that won the FFWS 2021 event in Singapore some time ago. Well, of course, for those of you fans of the Phoenix Force team, don’t you really want to have the jersey of the FFWS 2021 champion?

The FFIM 2021 Fall event has come to Free Fire some time ago. Gamers are presented with various prizes that can be obtained for free, namely free Gun Skins.

Taking place simultaneously with the Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Fall tournament, this event will be even more lively with various other prizes presented in the FFIM 2021 Fall event.

One of the interesting prizes that will arrive at the FFIM 2021 Fall event is the existence of an esports team jersey, namely Phoenix Force.

Curious about how to get the Phoenix Force team jersey at the FFIM 2021 Fall event which will start on October 18, 2021.

How to get the Phoenix Force FF Jersey

Here’s How to Get Free Phoenix Force FF Jersey on Free Fire, it’s easy, just read the reviews below.

you can get the jersey of the champion of FFWS 2021 for free by participating in the special FFIM 2021 Fall Web Event with the theme Collect Your Team Free Fire (FF). Later you have to complete several available missions to get this Phoenix Force Jersey shirt for free.

Later you have to collect the logos of the teams that made it through to the 2021 FFIM Grand Finals. Right on Monday, October 18, 2021, this Fall 2021 FFIM Web Event will be playable. So, you have to prepare yourself before joining the event.

To have all the logos of the 12 teams, you must have an item called FFIM Fiery Red Token FF. So the token will be useful for doing spins so that you can get the logo of each team. You can exchange logos with mabar friends if you get the same logo.

Meanwhile, every several different logo teams you will be able to choose one of 3 prizes that will be obtained for each Milestone.

Besides being able to get the main prize in the form of a Phoenix Force FF Jersey, you can also have other prizes at this Fall 2021 FFIM Web Event. And here are some of the prizes you can get:

  • Collect 4 teams (choose one):  2x Night Pnater Loot Crate/ 2x Booyah Melee Weapon Loot Crate/ 2x Phantom Weapon Loot Crate
  • Get 8 teams (choose one):  2x Diamond Royale Voucher/ 2x Weapon Royale Voucher/ 1x Incubator Voucher
  • Collect 12 teams (choose one):  Phoenix Force Jersey/ KO Night – Shock (Top)/ Atlantic Warrior (Top) , How are you, can’t wait to get the Phoenix Force jersey, which is Singapore’s FFWS 2021 champion team yesterday? Don’t miss this special FFIM 2021 Fall Web Event.

AK Flaming Red FF Gratis Event FFIM 2021 Fall

The FFIM 2021 Fall event will later appear alongside the Free Fire x Venom event. No less interesting, the FFIM 2021 Fall event also offers free assistance, one of which means Free AK Flaming Red FF.

This AK Flaming Red FF will be available for free at the FFIM 2021 Fall event by exchanging FFIM Deep Blue & FFIM Royal Gold Tokens. Later, FFIM Deep Blue Tokens can be generated via Aftermtach Drop & daily login.

Meanwhile, the FFIM Royal Gold Token will also be available in daily logins on October 22 & 23. Here are the tokens that you need to be able to have free AK Flaming Red FF & other interesting free assistance.

  • 40x FFIM Deep Blue Token + 2x FFIM Gold Royal Token: AK – Flaming Red
  • 1x FFIM Gold Royale Token: Diamond Royale Voucher
  • 25x FFIM Deep Blue Token: Pet Skin – Fire Sensei Tig
  • 25x FFIM Deep Blue Token: Wicked Coconut Backpack
  • 5x FFIM Deep Blue Token: Loudspeaker (Limit: 5)

Just like other Gun Skins, AK Flaming Red FF also has statistics that you can get Booyah friends. AK Flaming Red FF’s statistics mean the following:

  • Damage(++)
  • Range(+)
  • Ammo(-)

How about Buddy Booyah with Gun Skin AK Flaming Red FF for free at the FFIM 2021 Fall event? Don’t miss the excitement of this free Free Fire event!

Well, that’s information about how to get the Phoenix Force FF Jersey in the FFIM 2021 Fall Web Event.