What is Neo Bank Application

What is Neo Bank Application – Neo Plus is the latest money-making application that is equipped with complete banking features. What banking features are available in this application? The application can also be called a digital bank because you can use this application to perform banking activities such as transfers, savings, and deposits.

One of the advantages that you will get if you use the Neo Plus application is that you can make transfers to other banks without incurring additional admin fees. 

If you make a deposit on the application, you will also get a sizeable advantage in the form of a relatively high interest rate on savings deposits.
Because it is still relatively new, this latest digital bank and money-making application holds an event to get other people interested in downloading this application because of its complete and profitable features.

How to Earn Money in Neo + Plus Applications   Recently the existence of Neo+ Money- Making Applications is on the rise because of the functionality of this one application.


Many are wondering about the security of the local Bank Transfer Money Making Application and Shpee Pay one, and many are doubting about this apk.

In fact, this Money-Making Application was originally a Neo Commerce Bank like most banks, and this BNC BANK has physical banks in several places.

Because indeed money-making applications have stolen the public’s attention since the beginning of its emergence, especially with the addition of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then, money-making applications have become increasingly popular with people looking for additional income.

Because as we know that since the pandemic all access for all people, especially Indonesia, has been restricted.

This was done to prevent the spread of Covid-19 which hit Indonesia, but the other impacts felt quite large.

Namely, many people have lost their jobs and have been forced to be laid off due to restrictions on community activities by the government.

So it is not surprising that many people are racking their brains to be able to generate additional income even from home.

That’s why free money-making applications play a role because it can be used by most people to earn extra money.

And one of the well-known and most popular fund-generating applications in 2021 is Neo+ Money-Generating Application.

From this Neo+ Money-Making application, you can benefit by earning additional income.

Neo+ is also known as a digital BNC application to earn money in 2021 with the full range of features this application has.

And to find out more clearly about the Neo+ money-making application, you can immediately listen to the discussion below.

Neo Plus Application Overview (Neo Bank)

The neobank application  is one of the  online savings and deposit applications from  Neo  Commerce Bank (BNC). Present since 1990 under the name  Bank  Yudha Bhakti (BBYB), we have transformed into  the  first neo bank in Indonesia, where  customer banking activities are  now carried out digitally. Recently, the name  Neobank APK has  gone viral because it is claimed to be able to make money quickly. Actually, this application is not a newcomer. Previously, this money-making application had the name  Neo Plus APK  and was quite popular among the public.

The reason is, this application offers a lot of  cashback  . Is that true, or maybe it’s the newest money scam ?

Indeed, in 2021, more and more  of the best money-making applications  have appeared with a variety of tempting features. Moreover, with only a smartphone and an internet connection, you can make money without having to leave the house.

So, want to know more about Neobank APK? Before using it, we must first know whether the application is really safe or not. Therefore, check out Jaka’s search below!

The Neo Plus application is the latest money-making application that can be downloaded for free on the google play store.

You could say this Neo application is very different from other money-making applications because it is equipped with banking features.
For ordinary people, of course, they often wonder whether this application can really make money and is it safe to use?

Just read complete information about the Neo Plus application with the aim that you understand and do not hesitate to use this application.

The presence of various types of free bank balance generating applications sometimes makes us confused about their functions and how to use them. This application is registered on the official OJK website, quoted from the official website of BNC (Bank Neo Commerce), the age which was formerly known as Bank Yuda Bhakti has reached approximately 30 years. The process of digitizing BNC is by issuing the Neo+ Application since 2020.

Therefore, before starting or using the most popular money-making application in 2021. We must first know about the application.

This is useful when we have downloaded or installed the application on our smartphone already know how to use it.

And the same is the case with the Neo+ Money-Making Apk application, and what is the meaning of this BNC bank application, see the following review.

Neo+ Money Making Application is one of the digital BNC applications that can be used to make money.

Not only that Neo+ can also make us earn extra income just from inviting friends to use this application.

So it’s very easy to earn money as long as you can invite your friends to join Neo+ Money Maker.

Download Neo+ The Most Legit Money Making Apk

In today’s increasingly sophisticated era, there are many ways that can be done to earn income. One of them is by utilizing Android smartphones to run applications that can benefit in the form of money online.

Only with a cellphone and internet quota, you can make money using the android application while relaxing at home. Ways to generate revenue in the application also vary from starting to work on certain tasks or by inviting new users to use the application.

The process of disbursing the balance is also quite easy and fast, some can directly transfer to a bank account or  withdraw  to an online account apk such as Dana, Ovo, Gopay and Paypal.

You could say getting money this way is quite easy and can be done while lying down or without leaving the house. Moreover, the community is currently in an uncertain economic situation due to the pandemic that has occurred since the beginning of 2020.

But of the many applications, it turns out that many are proven not to pay or are scams. You have to be careful before installing various kinds of apk on the playstore.

If you are still unsure which application to use, don’t be confused, on this occasion dansmedia will discuss the 5 best applications that are proven to pay directly to your account. Follow the steps on how to register and use it!

Before installing, make sure that you are over 17 years old and have a KTP to earn from Neo+ Apk. Neo+ is the latest online banking application from PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk.

As a security guarantee, BNC has been registered & supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS. At first glance, this application is similar to several banking apks that have been released previously, namely Jenius from BTPN and Digibank from DBS bank.

The company is currently holding a promotion to help popularize its products. Many bonuses for new members that you can get. Even without inviting friends, you can still get a lot of rupiah balance quickly.

To get a money-making application, if not through the Google Play Store, there must be another way by using a link.

Detailneobank: BNC digital bank, online savings
DeveloperDigital Banking Bank Neo Commerce
Android Minimal4.4 and above
Rating3.8/5.0 (Google Play)

>>> Download Neobank APK di Google Play Store <<<

For the Neo+ Money-Making Application itself, you can easily get it because this application is available on the Play Store.

The way to be able to successfully install it is the same as how to install applications in general through the Google Play Store.

That is, you just need to enter the Play Store then in the search field you just type in the Neo+ keyword.

Or if you want it fast, you can download the neo+ application by clicking ” Here ” by entering the xxx code   you will get Rp. 25,000 and it can be withdrawn immediately.

Then the Neo+ Money-Making Apk will appear that you want to download, if it appears click the install button.

And you just need to wait for the application installation process to complete, then Neo+ will automatically generate the Money-Making Application.

Next, you can use Neo+ to make money quickly and easily without having to pay a penny.

It’s very, very fun if you don’t need to spend extra money or  effort  then we can generate additional income.

Bonus money that can be earned on the BNC Neo Apk:

Neobank  or  Neo+  is a savings account application launched by  BNC Digital Bank . In addition to saving, depositing, and transferring, this application is also claimed to be able to make money through several interesting features, one of which is  cashback .

Cashback is  obtained when you first register for an application of IDR 20,000. In addition, if you manage to invite your friends using Neo Plus, you will be given a commission of up to IDR 100,000. Tempting, isn’t it?

Thus, it can be concluded that the Neo Bank application attracts new users by distributing money,

  • Installed the application and successfully verified  Rp. 20,000  Rp. 2 thousand + discount coupon Rp. 20,000
  • Invite Friends (referral) Rp. 25,000/invitation (unlimited)
  • Tasks/activities in the application total up to Rp. 100,000
  • Neo+ experience (10 million deposit simulation in 1 month) total up to Rp. 50,000

Promo Expiration:  unknown

How to Register Neo+ Balance Bonus Using the Latest Referral Code:

The following are the steps on how to register, get bonus balance and transfer:

How to Register Neo Plus Money Making Apk

After successfully downloading this one free fund balance generating application, you can register your account to log in.

There are several steps you can take to register your account so that you can access Neo+ Money Maker.

And to find out how to register a Neo+ account, you can listen to the explanation that RestoDepot has given below.

  • First, open the Neo+ Money-Making Application that was pre-installed or you can use the following link  ” https://s.bankneo.co.id/kLl000 “ .
  • Then next you can fill in the  “active mobile number”  and  “verification code” .
  • If so, then you can then click  “Download Now” .
  • Then your account will automatically be registered and you will get a balance of RP 20,000.00

Those are some steps you need to take to successfully register your account on a Neo+ application.

How To Earn Money On Neo Plus Apk

To get extra money from the Neo+ Money-Making Apk, as the admin said at the beginning, you just need to invite friends.

If you are a new user of this BNC bank balance generating application, you will get an initial balance of Rp. 20,000.00.

And to add the balance so that it can be disbursed, you only need to invite friends with the referral code you have.

Invite as many friends as you can so that you can generate the same amount of balance as the person you managed to invite.

It’s very easy, you don’t need to make any deposit or it’s free, but you can make money from an application.

Therefore, immediately download and install Neo+ on your smartphone device to immediately feel the excitement.

Are Neo+ Money Making Apps Safe?

Because this application can be obtained through the Google Play Store search engine, this indicates that this application is official.

Especially with the fact that the Neo+ Apk application is  the  official platform for Bank Neo Commerce bank customers.

And it is predicted that this 2021 most popular bank balance generating application has also received official permission from the OJK.

OJK or the Financial Services Authority itself is also an agency that oversees all transactions that occur between business actors.

So that it can be ascertained that an agency, company or application is said to be safe if it has received an operating permit from the OJK.

So what are you waiting for, directly download and use the Neo+ Money-Making Application to earn extra money.


That’s our discussion on this occasion regarding the explanation of the most popular Neo+ Money-Making Application 2021.

Hopefully what we have provided and explained above can help answer your questions about the Neo+ application.